Growing up as a child in Guanajuato, Mexico Juan Rios would join his grandmother & mother in the kitchen to learn how to make made from scratch dishes.

From his grandmother & mother he learned how to respect fresh, authentic, ingredients and create vibrant flavors. Meanwhile his father imparted hard work and lessons in customer service.

Founded in the early 90’s Rios Restaurant Group offers upscale, casual and fast casual Mexican dining experiences. Rios Restaurant Group is currently in the works of expanding their current and new concepts in Florida with highly stylized restaurants with a fun, high-energy vibe and flavorful menu. Embodying traditional and modern elements yet remembering where it all started in the Rios family kitchen. We bring the taste of the entire Mexican region from slow braised Carnitas marinated with piloncillo and Mexican crafted beers, Tlayudas made with house made chorizo & chile infused masa, chef inspired Ceviches, New York Bistek with mole poblano demi-glaze,  Augas Frescas and Street tacos that bring your taste buds on vacation to Mexico, signature margaritas, handmade churros and Tamales.

We are humbled to provide the local communities with exceptional Mexican culture & food made with love. Where family and friends can gather to have a great time for years to come.